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July 27, 2021: ISN-APSN 1st Online School "Innovative Technology for Neurochemistry"

Summary of the School:

The APSN discussed with the ISN and held the 1st online school on July 27, 2021. Eight speakers, mainly from AP regions, gave lectures focusing on “Innovative Technology for Neurochemistry.” The topics broadly covered the neurochemistry research field, including cutting edge of structural biology, iPS cell technology, virus tracing, and imaging analysis. Fifty-three students from all over the AP regions (Eight countries) participated in the school. More than 80% of participants joined and stayed from the beginning to the end of the school, implicating that the participants felt interested in all of the lectures. Indeed, the feedback comments below indicated their interests in the school. Due to the success of the 1st online school, the APSN hopes to hold 2nd and 3rd online schools in 2022.


• Yu Fu, Group Leader, SBIC (Singapore)
• Yoshiho Ikeuchi, Associate Professor, U of Tokyo (Japan)
• Hideaki Kato, Associate Professor, U of Tokyo (Japan)
• Seok-Kyu Kwon, Associate Professor, KIST (South Korea)
• Jun Nagai, Team Leader, RIKEN CBS (Japan)
• Nozomu Takata, Postdoc, Northwestern University (US)
• Dan Ohtan Wang, Associate Professor, Kyoto U, APSN Council (Japan)
• Kenneth Wu, Postdoc, U of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)


Online School Organizing Committee (* Chair):
• Ying-Shing Chan (APSN President)
• Woong Sun (APSN Secretary)
• Chian Ming Low (APSN Treasurer)
• *Itsuki Ajioka (APSN School Committee Chair)


Discussion facilitator:

• Woong Sun (APSN Secretary)
• Chian Ming Low (APSN Treasurer)
• Akio Wanaka, (APSN Council)



Fifty-three students from all over the AP regions participated. (Australia (5), China (6), India (6), Indonesia (1), Japan (11), Korea (9), Malaysia (10), New Zealand (1), Pakistan (4)). More than 90% of participants are graduate students.





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